Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking

Many aspects of life today require a degree of computer literacy. SUNY’s Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking (ATTAIN) labs help you learn the basic skills you’ll need to get started, whether you’re looking for a job or considering advancing your education – at no cost to you.

  • Learn conveniently with labs online and in communities across New York State
  • Get where you want to go faster with short training courses
  • Explore your options with a wide range of educational and vocational programs
  • Learn basic digital literacy and other skills to open the door to jobs and college programs 

Take a look at what ATTAIN offers and visit one of the ATTAIN Lab links to apply for ATTAIN’s tuition-free services.

ATTAIN student and mother

Industry Recognized Certifications  
Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)  
Microsoft Certified Fundamentals (MCF)  
Intuit QuickBooks

Self-Paced Courseware  
High School Equivalency Preparation  
Career Exploration  
ESL and Language Learning

Staff Support  
Courseware Orientation  
Digital Literacy and Navigational Support  
One-on-one support


Why ATTAIN? Hear it from our participants!

Yuying Lei, ATAIN student
Yuying Lei

Yuying Lei’s experience with the ATTAIN Lab is an example of the program’s invaluable support for professional preparation. ATTAIN (Advanced Technology Training and Information Networking)—a partnership with the State University of New York located in Henry Street’s Education Services building—provides a wide range of online learning courses ranging from Microsoft Office certification to learning a new language.

As a college student majoring in business management with a marketing concentration, learning the fundamentals of systems like Excel is crucial for Yuying, 20. “These lessons taught in the ATTAIN Lab would cost me $200 or more if I took it somewhere else.”

As a non-native English speaker, Yuying often struggles to reach out for help because of the communication barriers she faces. But at the ATTAIN Lab, she says the instructors, Lesley Rojas and Nathan O’Flynn Pruitt, provide personal assistance and guidance.

Alba Diaz, Yuying Lei, ATAIN student
Alba Diaz

Alba Diaz came to ATTAIN with no experience in computer coding/IT, but a strong desire to enter the field and find a lifelong career. She had previously worked in sales/customer service and felt she was capable of more and needed to find a more stable job that paid a living wage.

“After deciding it was time for a career change, I went to the Syracuse Northeast Community Center and was referred to the Syracuse EOC ATTAIN Lab center where I was introduced to Cody Maggi. She did an excellent job in providing assistance and introducing me to the programs and services available to me,” said ATTAIN student, Alba Diaz.

Alba started her training in ATTAIN software Edmentum to see if the coding field was a good fit. Alba completed Coding 1a: Intro to Programming, Cybersecurity 1a: Foundations, and PLATO Course CompTIA A+220-1002. Alba then realized that she had the skill and passion for this industry and was excited to continue her journey to finding a job in the tech industry.

After completing these courses, Alba passed her Microsoft Certified Fundamentals – Azure 900 exam and is currently working on Azure Data Fundamentals. “Cody assisted me while taking courses and obtaining certifications and I became very interested in the coding industry, leading me to apply to Careers in Code 24-week coding and technology training program,” said Alba.

Careers in Code is very competitive and the skills gained through the ATTAIN lab highly influenced Alba as a selected student. Alba is gearing up to graduate from Syracuse Careers in Code training program and is working on a capstone project to help the community through technology.

“I am actively working on my capstone based on access to Syracuse food pantries. I’m creating a website that will provide information about local food pantries available, their hours, and requirements for assistance, thus providing the knowledge and information to the people in need of these services.”

“I am using these resources available to our community in search of a career that I can enjoy and be able to earn a living wage,” said Alba.